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A cross between Red and Silver Maple combines the best features of both parents. It is drought tolerance and rapid growth of the Silver Maple and brilliant orange-red fall color of the Red Maple. Nearly seedless and grows to 70 feet.
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Very much like Autumn Blaze Maple, grows more compact and upright to 45 ft. Great fall color of red turning to golden. Seedless.
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A beautiful addition to the landscape reaching a height of 50 feet. The showy red flowers appear in spring before the leaves open, autumn turns the green leaves to outstanding shades of color.
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Grows to 50 tall by 30 ft. wide and has very little seeds. Green summer leaves turning to red in fall. This plant will grow in very dry to occasionally wet soil. Best if growen in well-drained/loamy, sandy or clay soils. Much like the Autumn Blaze Maple.
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Has emerald green leaves in summer and bright enduring fall color that begins red and gradually turns brilliant purple red that persists longer than many N. Red Maples. This is a seedless male that develops into an oval rounded shade tree.
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60 ft. tall, spread 40 ft. Medium to fast growing long lived hardwood, making a great shade tree famous for its fall colors of orange and reds. Also known for its sweet maple syrup.
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8-10 ft. #10 Pot $89.00 'Fall Fiesta'
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50 ft. tall by 40 ft. wide, its rapid growth can stand up well under heat, wind, ice, insects and pollution. Grows in a wide range of soils. Yellow fall color.
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This famous tree, much like the Norway Maple except the leaves start out crimson in color, then deepen to an excellent maroon red in late summer. Straight trunk with a well shaped head. Slow growing tree providing dense shade. 50 ft. tall by 40 ft. wide
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An unusual specimen tree with beautiful variegated leaves. Straight trunk with a well shaped head. Provides dense shade. 50 ft. tall by 40 ft. wide
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This is definitely a tree that attracts attention. The bright golden yellow foliage especially when young, holds its color until early Summer then changing to bright lime in med-summer. Then again changing golden for Fall. Very nice oval shape to 45 feet tall.
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6-7 ft. #5 Pot $49.00
Is a hybrid of Acer truncatum and Acer platanoides that combines the best characteristics of the parents in a medium sized shade tree. Dark glossy leaves, drought resistance, orange to red fall color and a smaller ultimate size are inherited from Shantung Maple (Acer truncatum). The Norway parent (Acer platanoides) contributes faster growth, caliper development at an early age, larger leaves and adaptability to varied growing conditions. Its fine textured branch structure evolves to a rounded crown and a mature height of about 30 feet and a spread of about 25 feet.
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Somerset Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Somerset’) glows with long-lasting, bright red fall color. It branches very well as a young tree while developing a uniform, symmetrical and upright oval form at maturity. The result of controlled crosses between October Glory and Autumn Flame® Maples, this seedless male clone exhibits significant resistance to potato leafhopper and has proven adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions.
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While “Planetree” isn’t exactly a household word, you may be familiar with the mighty American Sycamore, a parent of the excellent hybrid tree known as Bloodgood London Planetree (or London Plane Tree). Except to the nerdiest of tree nerds, the two plants look identical: Sycamore and Planetree are both large shade trees (80'x60'wide) with massive limbs, big leaves, and fantastic flaky bark in a crazy-quilt pattern of khaki, gray, and ivory. Bloodgood London Planetree is a majestic, fast-growing tree for lining your driveway, creating a park-like atmosphere in your yard, or just providing some shade for a picnic table or patio. Give this legacy tree a roomy spot where it can live out the long, full life it is destined for.
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A splendid plant for street and residential use. Littleleaf has glossy dark green foliage reaching a height of 40 ft. by 30 ft. wide. Virtually disease free and very adaptable, does will in poor soil. Yellow fall color.
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Is a 80 ft., tree with a oval crown with large heart shaped leaves. Showy, white to lavender, bell-shaped flowers at the ends of the branches. Fruits a long, narrow pod up to 18 inches in length by 1/2 inch in width persisting through winter. Called Cigartree and Indian-bean because of the distinctive fruit.
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This cultivar is noted for foliage that emerges bright golden/bronze, then fades to green as it matures, then colors golden/yellow again in fall. Thornless and seedless, it is great for light, filtered shade. Reaches 40 feet tall and wide.
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The Bur Oak makes an outstanding ornamental tree and is one of the most tolerant white oaks. A long lived tree the Bur Oak typically lives between 200-300 years and its mature height is up to 100 feet. A beautiful, stately tree that is tolerant of a variety of soil and water conditions. It also adapts well to urban settings. From spring to summer the Bur Oak flaunts its distinctive, lobed, shiny, deep green leaves. Shortly after the arrival of the leaves your oak will flower. The acorns of the Bur Oak are the largest of all North American oaks. They are very important to wildlife as a food source. Squirrels, some birds and even some ducks rely on the acorns for food. A beautiful, rugged tree that will bring wildlife to your yard and last for many generations.
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Excellent in both wet or dry soils. This handsome long-lived tree has a variety of fall color ranging from yellow-brown to mahogany. Can reach to 60 feet in height with a 50 to 60 foot spread.
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At 70-80 feet with a spread of 60-70 feet these valuable fast growing (1-2ft/yr) oaks have lustrous dark green leaves in summer changing to russet-red to bright red in fall.
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8 ft. #16 Bag $135.00
This picturesque tree grows to 50 feet tall by 40 feet wide and has deeply furrowed bark with stout branches. It prefers full sun and is adaptable to many soil conditions. The mahogany color seed pods are long and leathery. Fall color is yellow.
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10-12 ft. #25 Pot $150.00
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A major characteristic of this tree is its deeply-furrowed, black bark. Trees range in height from 50-100 feet and have a diameter of 2-4 feet. The compound leaves are between 1 and 2 feet long. This tree is prized for its beautiful wood and the tasty nuts which are avidly harvested in the autumn.
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Is a hybrid elm with a vase-shaped crown, showing high levels of tolerance to disease & insect pests of landscape elms. Rapidly and easily grows to 43 feet tall with a crown spread of 25 feet in 13 years. Large green, serrate leaves average 4 inches by 3 inches wide. Yellowish fall color. Tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions.
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14-16 #25Pot $120.00 'Patriot Elm'
16+ #16 Bag $130.00 'Patriot Elm'
An unusual ornamental tree famous for its interesting shape and vibrant foliage! The Ginkgo tree is sure to make your landscape stand out! You’ll be fascinated by its tall, rounded form and delicately shaped leaves. This is one of the first trees to change colors in the autumn months. While other trees are still green, the Ginkgo turns almost fluorescent yellow! This hardy tree thrives all over the United States! It is perfect for urban areas… it won’t be bothered by smog and other pollution. Adaptable to many different types of soil, the Ginkgo is resistant to pests, and will be drought resistant in maturity.
4-5 ft. #3 Pot $50.00 'Autumn Gold'
5-6 ft. #5 Pot $45.00  
6-7 ft. #7 Pot $50.00  
8 ft. #18 Bag $130.00 'Autumn Gold
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7+ FT. #15 Pot $89.00 'Wind Dover Gold' 
Bark opens to a white or salmon-white on young stems eventually darkening to salmon-brown as the tree ages. Height of 50 to 60 feet in wet or dry soils, prefers acid soils and is borer resistance. Fall color is a nice yellow.
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Known for it's bronze birch borer resistance and chalky white non-exfoliating bark. Grows best in low pH moist sites but can take drier soils. Reaching a height of 40 to 50 feet with yellow fall color.
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Outstanding reddish-purple leafs all season with attractive exfoliating bark that turns white with a cinnamon hue.
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Highly resistant to bronze birch borer. Grows broad, dense, pyramidal to 60 ft. x 30 ft. wide and is drought tolerance. Bark when young is mahogany-reddish color turning bright white and exfoliates. Nice yellow fall color.
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This irregularly shaped tree has slender pendulous branches. Does best in moist but well-drained soils. Attractive white exfoliating bark tree reaching a height of 20 ft. by 15 wide
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This fast growing, golden barked Willow has a wide spreading head and long golden drooping branches. An extremely graceful tree that reaches 50 feet high and wide. It prefers moist sites.
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