Whip - Unbranched Tree. 
  Br. - Branched Tree.
  Lt. Br. - Lightly Branched
  H. Br. - Heavily Branched
  #Bagged - Sold in Root Control Bag with soil
Many trees are shown in their fall color

50-70 ft. tall, spread 30-50 ft. Very fast growing, silver color under its leaves and a shade tree that tolerates a wide variety of soils, prefers moist soil. Yellow/green fall color.
9-10 ft. Br. $34.00 Sold Out
8-9 ft. Br. $30.00 Sold Out
7-8 ft. Br. $26.00 Sold Out
6-7 ft. Lt. Br. $22.00 Sold Out
A beautiful addition to the landscape reaching a height of 50 feet. The showy red flowers appear in spring before the leaves open, autumn turns the green leaves to outstanding shades of color.
7-8 ft. Br. $28.00
6-7 ft. Lt.Br. $24.00 Sold Out
60 ft. tall, spread 40 ft. Medium to fast growing long lived hardwood, great shade tree famous for its fall colors of orange and reds. Also known for its sweet maple syrup.
10-12 ft. Br. $135.00 #18 Bagged
7-8 ft Lt.Br. $39.00
6-7 ft. Lt. Br. $30.00 Sold Out
6-8 ft. Lt.Br. $76.00 'Fall Fiesta'
A cross between Red and Silver Maple combines the best features of both parents. It is drought tolerance and rapid growth of the Silver Maple and brilliant orange-red fall color of the Red Maple. Nearly seedless and grows to 70 feet.
12-14 ft. H.Br. $165.00 #18 Bagged
10-12 ft. H.Br. $150.00 #18 Bagged
10-12 ft. Br. $92.00  
8-10 ft Br. $60.00  
7-8 ft. Br. $40.00
6-7 ft. Lt.Br. $36.00
Very much like Autumn Blaze Maple, grows more compact and upright to 45 ft. Great fall color of red turning to golden. Best of all, it's seedless.
7-8 ft. Br. $54.00
6-7 ft. Lt.Br. $44.00  

Grows to 50 tall by 30 ft. wide and has very little seeds. Green summer leaves turning to red in fall. This plant will grow in very dry to occasionally wet soil. Suitable soil is well-drained/loamy, sandy or clay.
12-14 ft. H.Br. $165.00 #18 Bagged
10-12 ft. H.Br. $150.00 #18 Bagged
10-12 ft. Br. $70.00  
8-10 ft. Br. $55.00  
7-8 ft. Br. $44.00
6-7 ft. Lt.Br $36.00  
Has emerald green leaves in summer and bright enduring fall color that begins red and gradually turns brilliant purple red that persists longer than many N. Red Maples. This is a seedless male that develops into an oval rounded shade tree. Brandywine is a small shade tree at a height of 25 feet, the tree's mature spread is 12 feet.
12-14 ft. H.Br. $180.00 #18 Bagged
10-12 ft. H.Br. $165.00 #18 Bagged
8-10 ft. H.Br. $150.00 #18 Bagged
8-9 ft. Br. $65.00  
6-7 ft. Lt.Br. $50.00
50 ft. tall by 40 ft. wide, its rapid growth can stand up well under heat, wind, ice, insects and pollution. Grows in a wide range of soils. Yellow fall color.
7-8 ft. Br. $28.00
ROYAL RED MAPLE or Crimson King Maple
This famous tree, much like the Norway Maple except the leaves start out crimson in color, then deepen to an excellent maroon red in late summer. Straight trunk with a well shaped head. Slow growing tree providing dense shade.
9-10 ft Br. $76.00  
8-9 ft. Br. $60.00
7-8 ft. Br. $54.00  
Glows with long-lasting, bright red fall color. It branches very well as a young tree while developing a uniform, symmetrical and upright oval form to 50' tall. The result of controlled crosses between October Glory and Autumn Flame® Maples, this seedless male clone exhibits significant resistance to potato leafhopper and has proven adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions.
7-8 ft. Br. $54.00  
6 ft. Lt.Br. $42.00  
The Variegated Norway Maple is an unusual specimen tree that is certain to draw attention. A dense shade tree, it is known for its straight trunk and well-shaped crown, but most notably for its beautiful variegated foliage. Leaves are green with an attractive creamy white margin. Grows 50 60 ft. tall.
10-12 ft. Br. $165.00 #18 Bagged
10-12 ft. Br. $78.00  
8-10 ft. Lt.Br. $68.00

This is definitely a tree that attracts attention. The bright golden yellow foliage especially when young, holds its color well through the summer. Very nice oval shape to 45 feet tall.
6-8 ft. Br. $62.00
Is a hybrid of Acer truncatum and Acer platanoides that combines the best characteristics of the parents in a medium sized shade tree. Dark glossy leaves, drought resistance, orange to red fall color and a smaller ultimate size are inherited from Shantung Maple (Acer truncatum). The Norway parent (Acer platanoides) contributes faster growth, caliper development at an early age, larger leaves and adaptability to varied growing conditions. Its fine textured branch structure evolves to a rounded crown and a mature height of about 30 feet and a spread of about 25 feet.
9-10 ft. Br. $78.00
6-8 ft. Br. $46.00 NEW LISTING
One of the most popular shade trees, valued for its delicate, ferny appearance which casts a dappled shade below; upright spreading and fast growing, seedless, very tolerant of adverse growing conditions, makes a great street tree. Sunset Gold Honeylocust has light yellow/green foliage in summer which emerges golden in spring. The pinnately compound leaves turn an outstanding gold in the fall.
8-10 ft. Br. $135.00 #18 Bagged
8-9 ft. Br. $54.00  
A splendid plant for street and residential use. Littleleaf has glossy dark green foliage reaching a height of 40 ft. by 30 ft. wide. Virtually disease free and very adaptable, does will in poor soil. Yellow fall color.
7-8 ft. Br. $38.00
6-7 ft. Br. $30.00
Excellent in both wet or dry soils. This handsome long-lived tree has a variety of fall color ranging from yellow-brown to mahogany. Can reach to 60 feet in height with a 50 to 60 foot spread.
8-10 ft. H.Br. $150.00 #18 Bagged
7-8 ft. Br. $95.00 #14 Bagged
5-6 ft. Lt. Br. 2019
At 70-80 feet with a spread of 60-70 feet these valuable fast growing (1-2ft/yr) oaks have lustrous dark green leaves in summer changing to russet-red to bright red in fall.
10-12 ft. H.Br. $150.00 #18 Bagged
14 ft. Br. $110.00 #14 Bagged
7 ft. Br. $48.00 Sold Out
Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun. Prefers moist well-drained loams, but adapts to a wide range of soil conditions. Good drought tolerance. May take up to 35 years for this tree to bear a first crop of acorns. Height: 60 to 80 feet.
10-12 ft. H.Br $150.00 #18 Bagged
8-10 ft. Br. $64.00  
6 ft. Lt.Br. $35.00  Sold Out
This picturesque tree grows to 50 feet tall by 40 feet wide and has deeply furrowed bark with stout branches. It prefers full sun and is adaptable to many soil conditions. The mahogany color seed pods are long and leathery. Fall color is yellow.
12-14 ft. Br. $135.00 #18 Bagged
8-10 ft. Lt.Br. $58.00 Sale $48.00
6-7 ft Lt.Br. $40.00 Sale $30.00
London planetree is a hybrid cross between American sycamore (P. occidentalis) and Oriental planetree (P. orientalis). Like its American parent, it typically grows as a single-trunk tree to 75-100’ tall with horizontal branching and a rounded habit. Trunk diameter typically ranges from 3-8’. The signature ornamental feature of this huge tree is its brown bark which exfoliates in irregular pieces to reveal creamy white inner bark. Mature trees typically display mottled white bark that facilitates identification from great distances. The large 3-5 lobed medium to dark green leaves (4-9” wide) have coarse marginal teeth. In fall, foliage typically turns an undistinguished yellow-brown. Small, non-showy, monoecious flowers appear in small rounded clusters in April. Male flowers are yellowish and female flowers are reddish. Female flowers give way to fuzzy, long-stalked, spherical fruiting balls (to 1 3/8” diameter) that ripen to brown in October and persist into early winter. Tolerate: Deer, Clay Soil, Air Pollution.
10-12 ft. Br. $150.00 #18 Bagged
6-8 ft. Br. $54.00  NEW LISTING
6-8 ft. Br. $60.00 'Sutterni'
Catalpa trees are 40 to70 foot tall trees with arching canopies. The deciduous plants are hardy to USDA planting zones 4 to 8 and can tolerate moist soils but are more suited to dry areas. The leaves are arrow-shaped and glossy bright green. In fall they turn a bright yellow-green before dropping. Flowers appear in spring and last into early summer. The fruit is a long bean-shaped pod, 8 to 20 inches long. The tree is useful as a shade tree, along streets and in dry, hard-to-plant sites.
5-6 ft. $28.00   2019
RIVER BIRCH 'SELECT'-This Select Birch is superior to the regular River Birch with tremendous vigor, heavier branched and starts to exfoliate on young trunks. 'Select' bark opens to a white or salmon-white on young stems eventually darkening to salmon-brown as the tree ages. Height of 50 to 60 feet in wet or dry soils, prefers acid soils and is borer resistance. Fall color is a nice yellow. Order 2 or more trees and plant together to form a clump.
7-8 ft. Br. $26.00
6-7 ft. Br. $22.00
Known for it's bronze birch borer resistance and chalky white non-exfoliating bark. Grows best in low pH moist sites but can take drier soils. Reaching a height of 40 to 50 feet with yellow fall color. Order 2 or more trees and plant together to form a clump.
7-8 ft. Br. $26.00
This fast growing, golden barked Willow has a wide spreading head and long golden drooping branches. An extremely graceful tree that reaches 50 feet high and wide. It prefers moist sites.
10-12 ft H.Br. $58.00
8-10 ft. Br. $50.00
6-8 ft. Br. $27.00  
This disease resistant cottonless poplar has larger foliage then common cottonwood. A very fast growing tree to 70-90 feet with a rounded head at maturity. Nice yellow fall color. Seedless cultivar.
5 ft. Whip $8.50
This hardy, fast growing tree reaches a height of 55 feet. The young bark is smooth and brown, becoming red-gray and shaggy with maturity. Fall color turns yellow to orange-red and great for woodlands or bird sanctuaries.
8-10 ft. H.Br. $38.00
7-8 ft. Br. $26.00 SOLD OUT
6-7 ft. Br. $24.00
This hybrid elm with a vase-shaped crown, has a high tolerance to disease & insect. Grows rapidly to 43 feet tall with a crown spread of 25 feet in 13 years. Large green, serrate leaves turning yellowish fall color. Tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions.
10-12 ft. Br. $125.00 #16 Bagged
Grows to 40-60 ft. The Chinese Chestnut is blight-resistant and fast growing which bears edible nuts. Plant to trees for better pollination for nuts.
6 ft. Lt.Br. 2019
A major characteristic of this tree is its deeply-furrowed, black bark. Trees range in height from 50-100 feet and have a diameter of 2-4 feet. The compound leaves are between 1 and 2 feet long. This tree is prized for its beautiful wood and the tasty nuts which are avidly harvested in the autumn.
10-12 ft. Br. $78.00 #14 bagged
Is a small ornamental tree reaching a height of 20-25 feet & wide of 15-20 feet. It could be used as a specimen tree near patios and walkways where the showy exfoliating papery bark can be viewed. This Maple adapts to most soils, however it is intolerant to heavy clay and poorly drained soil. No serious disease or insect problems. The outstanding fall color is from yellow to orange.
10-12 ft. H.Br. $150.00 #18 bagged