Many shrubs are shown flowering or in their fall color.

Densely branched shrub that can be used as a hedge. Foliage turns intense red in autumn. Full sun or partial shade, likes moist soils. Grows to a height of 5-6 feet.
2-3 ft. #3 Pot $22.00 
This classic Lilac, has large fragrant purple flowers borne in mid-May. Common Lilac can get quite large, reaching to a height of 14 ft. and can spread to a width of 10 ft. Used as a perfect informal hedge or screen and great as a cut flower.
3-4 ft.   #3 Pot   $16.00 
MEYER LILAC 'Korean Lilac'
This handsome dwarf 4-5 foot Lilac has fragrant lavender-pink flower clusters in spring about 4 inches long literally covers the entire plant. Reddish-purple leaves in fall.
This Lilac also comes in a 6 ft. grafted tree form - $79.00
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Deep purple buds open to abundant clusters of highly fragrant, lavender blue flowers. Blooms later than others, extending the season. Upright, compact form. Deep green foliage is burgundy-tinged in fall. Performs well in warmer southern regions, with excellent resistance to powdery mildew. Great for border accent or mass planting. Hieght of 6 ft
1 ft. #1 Pot $12.00  
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2-3 ft. #4 Pot $20.00  
5 ft. #5 Pot $68.00 Tree Form
JAPANESE KERRIA 'Pleniflora Globe Flower'
This mid-size shrub, (5-8 ft. tall x 6 ft. wide) is a gorgeous bloomer in shade or sunny gardens. 1 1/2 inch golden-yellow flowers in spring lasting for 3 weeks and then again in late August. The plant is easy-going, low maintenance, drought resistant and has few disease or pest problems. The arching evergreen branches have winter contrast against the white snow.
2 ft. #3 Pot $18.00
Rosette of spike-like leaves ½ to 1 inch wide and blue green in color. Large central spike of waxy white 2 inch flowers followed by brown seed capsules.
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FORSYTHIA 'Northern Gold'
This upright shrub to 7 feet has golden yellow flowers up and down the gray-yellow branches in early spring. The flowers are very winter hardy.
3-4 ft. #3 Pot $18.00
Bright pink petals, blending to apricot near the center. Blue-green foliage is disease-resistant on this everblooming (blooms all summer into Fall) shrub rose. Grows 2-3 ft. tall with 2-2.5 inch flowers.
1-2 ft. #3 Pot $24.00

Let this rose 'play' in your garden and you certainly won't be disappointed. Gorgeous, fully double blooms have butter yellow centers with brushed accents of soft pink on the petal edges giving them a hand-painted appearance. Disease resistant plants filled with green, glossy foliage produce harmonious clusters of blooms throughout the season for an ever-changing color display. Easy-care and hardy, this rose is sure to blend into any landscape or garden. Hieght of 3 feet.
1-2 ft #3 Pot $22.00  
One of the hardiest Rhododendrons for our area. Masses of mauve flowers bloom in spring putting on a spectacular show. An evergreen, with glossy green foliage throughout the growing season, changing to a pleasing purple in fall. Needs acid, moist, well-drained soil. Grows to 4 ft. high.
2 ft. #3 Pot $22.00  
Hibiscus Summerific 'Summer Storm'
A fantastic large specimen plant that will steal the show from summer into fall! Huge 8-10”, light pink flowers with a deep magenta eye are produced all over the clump of attractive deep wine purple, maple-like leaves.
Height 48-60 Inches Spread 48-60 Inches
2 ft #3 Pot $19.00  
Russian Sage 'Peek-A-Blue'
Introducing ‘Peek-a-Blue’, a short selection of P. atriplicifolia with a compact habit and attractive, finely dissected foliage. Very lacy, silvery green leaves line the silvery stems topped with lavender blue flowers from midsummer into early fall. The plants measure just over 2’ tall when they are in full bloom. In the landscape, they peek out between shorter plants in the front of the border and taller plants in the back.
Height 24 inches Spread 18 inches
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This plant has rich purple-red leaves summer and fall reaching a height of 7 feet. Flowers in the spring are pink and fragrant.
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This compact Cranberry bush grows to only 5 or 6 ft. with a rounded shape. White flowers bloom in late May, proceeded by translucent red berries in fall, persisting into spring and are beautiful in winter landscapes. Excellent bright red fall color. Full sun to full shade.
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Beautiful purple leaves all season. Known for its light purple flower clusters that look smoky from June into September and growing to a height and width of 8-10 ft. May experience winter die back but recovers quickly to make a fine plant each year. Grows best in sunny, well-drained soils.
3 ft.   #3 Pot   $20.00   Sold Out
A repeat blooming shrub that produces a profusion of soft pink flowers on a neat, dwarf shrub 3-4 ft tall. Smaller stature makes it perfect for containers, edging and mass plantings
2 ft. #2 Pot $22.00
Greenish-purple leaves above and dark green below provide a beautiful color combination with the rosy-red flowers. This compact grower (2 to3 feet) works well as a low hedge or as a foundation for larger shrubs.
1-2 ft. #3 Pot $19.00
WEIGELA 'Rainbow Sensation'
A charming selection, before the flowers appear, Rainbow Sensation will brighten your garden with its attractive, variegated foliage. Dense clusters of soft- pink, funnel-shaped flowers bloom in profusion in May, as hummingbirds flock to harvest the sweet nectar. Size of 3-4' tall x 3-4' wide.
2-3 ft. #3 Pot $26.00

This dwarf masterpiece is a sport of Weigela florida ‘Tango’. It is the first dwarf variegated weigela to be introduced. Its tight habit and colorful foliage make it very versatile. Variegation changes depending on light exposure - whiter variegation in shade and pink variegation in full sun. Possible applications include an artistic drift along the edge of an annual or perennial bed or as an accent piece in a container. My Monet weigela creates poetic beauty in any landscape and adds a splash of color to semi shady areas. Use it like you would use coleus, to add season long color, but don’t worry about replanting next spring: this little shrub comes back year after year.  Super dwarf (12-18").
1 ft. #2 Pot $26.00  

Named for its unusual, dark purple leaves that keep their color even during the hottest summer months when foliage fades on many purple-leaved plants. It has exceptionally dense foliage on a compact, rounded bush that reaches a height of 2 to 3 feet at maturity. "Dark Horse" blooms profusely from April to June, covering itself in dark pink, 1-inch-long, trumpet-shaped flowers that attract hummingbirds. This variety can also have a second, less heavy bloom during the summer. 
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Glossy blue-green foliage with bright golden-yellow flowers from June to mid-October. Grows to a 2 ft. mound. Treat as a perennial in our cooler climate.
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Attractive plant for its color contrast. Very nice in the foundation or as a border planting. A compact growing form to 5 feet tall and wide with yellow foliage. White flowers in spring and red fruit.
2-3 ft. #3 Pot $18.00  
This Japanese Red Barberry grows to a height of only 2 feet by 3 feet wide and has burgundy-red foliage. Best leaf color if planted in full sun. An excellent accent, hedge or thorny barrier plant. Prefer moist, but well-drained soils.
12-15 inch  #2 Pot   $18.00 
Much like the above Crimson Pygmy but with golden foliage and a height of only 1 ½ feet by 2 feet wide.
10 inch #1 Pot $12.00
1 ft. #2 Pot $18.00
Red stems accent the creamy-white and green foliage that turns pink in fall. Grows to a height of 6 feet and a spread of 6 feet. Stem color lasts all year long making this an ideal plant for both summer and winter landscapes. Requires adequate moisture and full sun to part shade.
2-3 ft.  #3 Pot   $21.00
SPIREA 'Goldmound'
Brilliant red new growth changing to golden yellow then to yellow-green for summer, for fall changing back to reddish bronze. Forming a mound to 3 feet high by 3 feet wide. Beautiful crimson flowers in mid-summer.
2-3 ft.   #3 Pot   $19.00 
Has pinkish-red, fern-like spring foliage that unfurls along deep pink stems. In July and August the neat, round shrub covers itself with creamy white blossoms. This dwarf variety makes a wonderful low hedge, or a great accent. Sem is an improvement from older Sorbaria varieties. It creates a tight, bushy little mound in the garden, making a fine low hedge or accent planting as well as a shrub border. Sem is elegant, space-saving, and beautiful! Sem forms a neat 3 to 4 foot shrub in the partly shaded garden, which adds a nice texture. This shrub is easy to grow and quite adaptable, thriving in any well-drained soil.
2 ft. #2 Pot $24.00  Sold Out

Have both colorful flowers and colorful foliage. Rich purple red new growth in spring complements deep pink summer flowers. You'll get months of vibrant color from this adaptable, easy to grow plant. Maintains its compact, mounded shape with very little pruning, and has more vivid color than other Spirea varieties.Blooms all summer long. 2/3 ft. Tall & Wide.
2 ft. #3 Pot $19.00  
SPIREA 'Double Play Gold'
Bright gold foliage contrasts with abundant, hot pink to purple all summer flowers. Maintains its neat compact mounded shape (2'x3'wide) with very little pruning. More intensely colored than other varieties, adding season-long impact to gardens with very little effort. Ideal for foundation and mass plantings. Best in full sun. Deer Resistance.
2 ft.   #3 Pot   $19.00 
No Picture SPIREA 'Golden Elf"
This little yellow-leaved beauty only grows to 6-8" tall with a spreading habit.
8 inch #2 Pot $18.00
Covered with clusters of fragrant pink flowers in May. Striking variegated foliage forms a dense mound to 3 feet. Requires a cool, dry or well-drained site in full sun to partial shade. Stays evergreen.
1 ft. #5 Pot $22.00  SOLD OUT
Blooms consistently on both old & new wood resulting in beautiful flowers all summer long. This very hardy plant produces up to 8" diameter flowers, with pink blooms in alkaline soils and blue blooms in acidic soils. Removal of spent flowers will encourage rebloom. Rounded shape to 3-5 ft. and required moist soils.
1 ft. #1 Pot $25.00  
2 ft.   #2 Pot   $28.00 
Large white flowers with large dark green foliage reaching a height of 4 feet. Fast growing in moist sunny or shady sites.
2 ft.   #2 Pot   $16.00  
Is a little dwarf-sized long flowering hydrangea that keeps on giving! For such a small plant it is packed with a vigorous growth habit, hardiness, drought tolerance, and thrives in all climates, hot or cold. It produces huge 8” green flowers that are held atop strong, non-flopping stems. This easy to grow, widely adaptable and popular Little Lime is not difficult to fit into your landscape plans. It matures to 3'-5' with an equal spread. The cut blooms are perfect in floral arrangements or can be dried for long term. Blooming on new wood, this new compact hybrid has flowers that last over 16 weeks in the garden or 3 weeks as cut flowers! Flowering begins in mid-summer and continues through fall. It begins as a pale lime green in mid-summer, then pink, fading to beige in winter. Full sun to part sun.
2 ft. #3 Pot $16.00  
A hydrangea with globes of flowers that emerge white in summer, change to pink and end to strawberry red. It’s compact size to 4' tall & 3' wide makes this hydrangea a treasure for small gardens and even garden pots with blooms that last well into fall. Makes a great cut flower and can be dried.
2 ft. #3 Pot $28.00
6 ft. #5 Pot $96.00 Tree Form

"Quick Fire" is again the exception: it begins to bloom bold conical white flowers with pink overtones at the ends of the branches a full month before other panicle hydrangeas yet continues straight through autumn, offering the longest flowering season of any hydrangea. "Quick Fire" hydrangea blooms on new wood - the tender new branches that appear in the spring. To preserve new wood for flowering, major pruning needs to be finished before new growth begins in the spring. Quick Fire grows to 5 feet by 5 ft. but can and should be prune to a smaller size. Full sun to part shade.
2 ft. #3 Pot $19.00 Sale $14.00
Blooms in July with showy, large conical white flowers which change to pink then to bronze towards autumn. Reaching a hieght of 4 ft. x 4 ft. wide. Perfect for cut flowers. Full sun to shade.
2-3 ft. #3 Pot $18.00  
Low growing shrub to 3 ft. with a spread of 6-8 ft. Excellent for mass beds or bank control and will take tough dry sites. Fragrant small yellow flowers in spring. Full sun or light shade. Fall color of scarlet to orange.
2 ft. wide #3 Pot $18.00
'TIGER EYES' Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac
Amazing spectacle of colors. The new growth is a vivid chartreuse green, quickly changing to bright yellow. The leaf stems are fuzzy purplish/pink making a great contrast with the lemon line color foliage. Branches angle upward while the deeply cut leaflets drape downward giving the whole plant an elegant, oriental look. Then in fall it turns a combination of yellow, orange and intense scarlet. Grows only to 6 feet tall by 6 feet wide. Full sun to part shade.
1-2 ft. #1 Pot $18.00  
Afterglow makes a compact, globe-shaped shrub that grows 3 to 5-feet tall and wide. This female Winterberry is covered in small orange-red fruit by early fall that stays on the plant all winter. It has dark-green, healthy foliage that is attractive all year and sets off the fruit in the fall. To set fruit, 'Afterglow' needs the male Winterberry, 'Jim Dandy', for pollination.
2-3 ft. #3 Pot $19.00
Jim Dandy is a male winterberry that is used to pollinate 'Afterglow', 'Red Sprite' and 'Sparkleberry' female Winterberries. You'll see lots of very small flowers on this shrub, but no fruit. It has attractive, dark-green, healthy foliage and makes a rounded, compact shrub that grows 3 to 5-feet tall and wide. 1 'Jim Dandy' male Winterberry can pollinate up to 6 nearby females.
2-3 ft. #5 Pot $22.00
No Picture HAZEL NUT
American filbert (also commonly called hazelnut) is a rounded, multi-stemmed shrub which typically grows 8-10' tall. Separate male and female flowers on the same plant. Female flowers give way to small, egg-shaped, 1/2" long, edible nuts (maturing July-August) which are encased in leafy, husk-like, ragged-edged bracts. Nuts are similar in flavor to the European filbert, and may be roasted and eaten or ground into flour, but are also commonly left for the squirrels and birds. Fall color is quite variable, ranging from attractive combinations of orange, rose, purplish red and yellow.
2 ft. #2 Pot $16.00