Many trees are shown flowering or in their fall color.
Fast growing, small 20 to 30 feet ornamental tree excellent for small lots. White flowers in spring and compact, rounded bright reddish-orange berries in fall that are attractive to birds. Needs a well drained site. This is not a true Ash and therefore is not affected by the Emerald Ash Bore.
7-8 ft. Br. $28.00  
12 feet tall with a spread of 12 feet but this maple, with the smaller leaf stands up to heavy pruning to form a hedge or can be grown as a tree. Full sun or light shade gives beautiful red fall color.
6 ft. H.Br. $24.00 Tree Form Sold Out

A very cold hardy White Flowering Pear with dark glossy green foliage and out standing red fall color. This Pear has a rounded form with a height of 35 feet and spread of 20 feet.
8-9 ft. H.Br. $140.00 #18 Bagged
6-8 ft. Br. $52.00 NEW LISTING
This handsome tree bears small pink flowers in spring before leaves appear. Later brown fruit pods form. Attractive dark green heart shaped leaves in summer turning a brilliant yellow in fall. Grows in sun or part shade to a height of 25 ft.
5-6 ft. Br. Tree $54.00 NEW LISTING
5-6 ft. H.Br. Bush $22.00 Sold Out
Allegheny serviceberry is a small native understory tree with four-season interest. The early white spring flowers, outstanding orange-red fall color, and striking gray bark make it a lovely specimen for any landscape. The edible purplish-black fruit in late summer is attractive to many birds. Small single or multi trunk tree to 20 ft. tall.
7-8 ft. Br. $30.00  Sold Out
6-7 ft. Lt.Br. $25.00  Sold Out
CRABAPPLE TREES - There are few other trees or shrubs, which approach the beauty of a crabapple tree in full flower. Across the country one could probably find 400 to 600 types. They are valued for foliage, flowers, fruit and variations in habit or size. The small fruits in fall are beautiful, with colors of red, yellow and orange. Their habits range from low mound-like plants to narrow upright or weeping types. Flowers are white to pink or carmine to red to rose.
Bright pinkish red flowers combine with deep purple cutleaf foliage to present a unique new crab. Deeply lobed leaves and upright form with good branching and density. Bright orange-red fall color. Growth is outstanding, and it displays good to excellent resistance to the common diseases including fireblight.
8 ft. H.Br. $125.00 #18 bagged
6-7 ft. Br. $60.00
Upright, vase shaped with Green, deeply cut leaves. White flowers in spring with small golden yellow 1/4" fruit in fall. Fine textured, deeply cut foliage gives this unusual crab a delicate appearance. The form is elegant, with slender limbs spreading horizontally from upright branches.The abundant golden yellow fruit is truly tiny. Disease Resistance and has a good fall leave color.
7-8 ft. Br. $62.00 Potted
6-7 ft. Br. $39.00  
Was a 1999 Michigan Growers' Choice Award. Green foliage with buds that open to masses of gorgeous, fragrant snowy white flowers in May, which completely cover the tree. The deep red berries that persist through winter. It forms an upright, oval shape and is a bit smaller than some other flowering crabs.
6-7 ft. Br. $56.00 Potted
Covered with white flowers; Rounded shape to 25 feet; No fruit.
10+ ft. H.Br. $58.00  
White flowers with glossy orange/red 3/8" fruit persistent through winter. Grows to 18 ft.
7-8 ft.  Br. Sold Out

LOUISA WEEPING CRABAPPLE - A lovely weeping Crab whose true-pink flowers are followed by 3/8" yellow fruits; excellent form (to 15') & dark, glossy, disease-resistant foliage also help to make this a beautiful landscape accent.
6 ft. Br. $46.00 Potted
 No Picture SARGENT (Dwarf)
White flowering in spring and reaching a height of only 10 ft. by 12 ft. wide; ¼" red fruit lasting into winter. Cedar Waxwings love to eat the small fruit.
6-7 ft Br. $39.00 Potted
5-6 ft. Br. $34.00 Potted