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Many trees are shown flowering or in their fall color.
This is not a true Ash so it is not susceptible ash bore. Fast growing, small 20 to 30 feet ornamental tree excellent for small lots. White flowers in spring and compact, rounded bright reddish-orange berries in fall that are attractive to birds.
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This is a small, usually multi-trunked understory tree or tall shrub which typically matures to 15-20’ tall. Flowers bloom in April followed by edible fruits (3/8" diameter) in June (hence the sometimes used common name of Juneberry for amelanchiers). Berries resemble blueberries in taste and may be used in jams, jellies and pies. Finely-toothed, oval-lanceolate leaves emerge with bronze tints in spring, mature to dark green from late spring throughout summer before finally turning brilliant red to orange-red in fall.
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The Trinity pear is a new hybrid that only attains a height of about 25 feet. Its small size and tightly rounded form make it easier for many small space gardeners to enjoy its beauty without worrying about the space constraints. The tree bears smaller white flowers in clusters than other pears, with a fall color that ranges from hues of red and orange.
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A tree form of Lilac reaching a height of 20 feet. This white colored lilac flowers two weeks after the purple common lilacs giving you a longer season of flowers. Ivory Silk is mildew resistant.
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Ann was selected for its late bloom (mid-April to early May) avoiding late frost. It has scented red-purple, 7 - 9" flowers that emerge from beautifully tapered buds. Grows 10 feet tall by 10 feet wide.
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Star Magnolia is one of the hardiest of the Magnolias. It is a small tree or large shrub, 15-feet-tall with a 10- to 15-foot spread. Typically branching close to the ground, the multi-stemmed form develops with a dense head of foliage. Star Magnolia makes a wonderful patio, lawn specimen or accent tree. Lower foliage can be removed to show off the trunk and to create more of a tree-form. When planted against a dark background, the branching pattern and light gray trunk will show off nicely, particularly when lit up at night. The white flowers have a slight touch of pink coloration, and are produced in spring before the leaves appear, even on young plants.
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Pink buds open to incredibly full and wonderfully fragrant pale, lite pink flowers in spring. Centennial Blush is a prolific bloomer with flower buds formed at almost every node yielding a fantastic floral display of delicate pink covering the entire plant. Attractive medium green foliage on an interesting branching structure follows in the summer turning yellow to bronze in autumn. Can be grown as a large shrub or a small tree 12 to 18 feet, perfectly suited for small urban gardens.
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This handsome tree bears small pink flowers in spring before leaves appear. Later brown fruit pods form. Attractive dark green heart shaped leaves in summer turning a brilliant yellow in fall. Grows in sun or part shade to 25 ft.
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A weeping form of Pussy Willow on a standard that will only reach 6 ft. tall and getting to 5 ft. wide. A perfect tree for accent or specimen plant for confined areas. Its large, silky soft catkins appear in early spring for a pretty effect.
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CARAGANA 'Walker Weeping Peashrub'
This small weeping tree to 5 feet tall has very fine cut green leaves give a fern-like effect. Yellow pea-like flowers lasting for weeks in spring. Very cold hardy and turns yellow in fall
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Deep purple buds open to abundant clusters of highly fragrant, lavender blue flowers. Blooms later than others, extending the season. Upright, compact form. Deep green foliage is burgundy-tinged in fall. Performs well in warmer southern regions, with excellent resistance to powdery mildew. Great for border accent or mass planting. Hieght of 9 ft. on standard.
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Handsome glossy green foliage with gorgeous fall coloring. White flowers produce an attractive fruit display that changes from yellowish-pink to bluish-black. Fruit is effective from September into winter. This shrub has a slender, upright-branching habit and can be grown as a small multi-trunked tree. Another good shade tolerant plant.
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Trained to a single stem with a head, blooms in July and August with very showy, large conical white flowers which change to pink then to bronze towards autumn. Reaching a height of 7 ft. x 7 ft. wide. Perfect for cut flowers.
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Voted top plant of 2010 by the American Nursery and Landscape Association, Hydrangea paniculata Vanilla Strawberry™ is a relative of the classic PeeGee Hydrangea that produces large flower heads starting in midsummer. They begin creamy white but turn pink and then strawberry red, or even burgundy, later in the season with the cooler night temperatures. Since new flower heads continue opening into late summer, plants may display all three color stages at any one time. The blooms are borne on red stems, too, making quite a contrast against the green leaves.
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A tree rose hardy enough for zone 4, finally! This diminutive ornamental, 4 to 8 feet, is covered with continuous clusters of pink blooms. Rose trees are often a bit of work in the North and Midwest, ‘Polar Joy’ is requires the least care, as easy as any tree or shrub. A stunning accent to a front entry or patio, or underplanted with groundcover roses or perennials. Does beautifully in a large container. Matures to a 5-8 foot tree, may be pruned to control size.
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This hardy maple has deep red foliage in spring that slowly fades to red/green. Full sun to shade. Grows to a round shape of only 15 to 20 feet.
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This maple can take lows of -40 degrees. The leaves shape are much like the Japanese Maple with green in summer changing to yellow, orange and red in fall. Small rounded tree to only 15 feet.
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12 feet tall with a spread of 12 feet but this maple, with the smaller leaf stands up to heavy pruning to form a hedge or can be grown as a tree. Full sun or light shade gives beautiful red fall color.
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CRABAPPLE TREES - There are few other trees or shrubs, which approach the beauty of a crabapple tree in full flower. Across the country one could probably find 400 to 600 types. They are valued for foliage, flowers, fruit and variations in habit or size. The small fruits in fall are beautiful, with colors of red, yellow and orange. Their habits range from low mound-like plants to narrow upright or weeping types. Flowers are white to pink or carmine to red to rose.
A low-mounded crab with white flowers reaching a height of only 8 ft. by 12 ft. wide; ¼" red fruit.
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Bright pinkish red flowers combine with deep purple cutleaf foliage to present a unique new crab. Deeply lobed leaves and upright form with good branching and density. Bright orange-red fall color. Growth is outstanding, and it displays good to excellent resistance to the common diseases including fireblight.
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Upright, vase shaped with Green, deeply cut leaves. White flowers in spring with small golden yellow 1/4" fruit in fall. Fine textured, deeply cut foliage gives this unusual crab a delicate appearance. The form is elegant, with slender limbs spreading horizontally from upright branches.The abundant golden yellow fruit is truly tiny. Disease Resistance and has a good fall leave color.
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1999 Michigan Growers Choice Award. Green foliage, buds open to gorgeous fragrant snowy white flowers in May. The deep red berries that persist through winter. It forms an upright, oval shape and is a bit smaller than some other flowering crabs
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Beautiful, single, white flowers appear in spring producing bright red, persistent fruit, providing wildlife food through the winter. Graceful, weeping form to 10-12 ft. with glossy green foliage.
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Beautiful! reddish-magenta blossoms cover the tree in Spring; upright form becomes rounded with age. New growth is reddish maturing to dark green followed by persistent maroon, cone shaped fruit. Colorful accent for smaller landscapes. Bark is glossy dark red. Excellent disease resistance. NOT A MESSY TREE! The berry-sized fruit hangs onto the tree throughout the winter providing a good food source for birds. Attractive, bright red berries are very showy in winter.
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